Magic Chinese Book 6

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Magic Chinese is a set of all-round family/school Chinese learning series. It is specially designed for non-Chinese speaking kids of 5+ ages, which aims to develop kids’ Chinese skills from perspectives of listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Magic Chinese is composed of 6 levels, corresponding 6 books of courses. The contents of layers are designed from easy to difficult, with the aim to improve users’ Chinese level progressively. Each book is an independent running software which includes 8 units and each unit includes 2 lessons. Each lesson teaches core vocabulary, sentences pattern and daily conversation in a variety of contexts to assist learning.

Multiple game interactivities can create a pleasant Chinese learning environment for kids and help them reinforce hand-eye coordination.

-Lessons are displayed in Chinese-English languages, with the aim to enhance kid’s self-study ability.
-Provide users a variety of real life situations, with the aim to help kids understand Chinese culture and meet practical needs.
-Provide kids with a systematic and scientific Chinese learning method.
-Excellent man-machine interactivities
-Spoken audio clips provided by native Chinese speakers

We have designed a step-by-step Chinese Learning Course which teaches Chinese language in an effective and entertaining way. Meanwhile, multiple language (Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean and Spanish) versions of Magic Chinese will come out soon!

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